What platform should a hairdresser use to build a client base

Modern masters in the field of beauty try to work independently, renting a place in the salon or independently equipping the work area. Regardless of the chosen way of working, it is especially important to take care of the client base. The level of income of a specialist depends on its size. So, for Barbershop software, you can use the software from the Glambook service.

About the service

Glambook is one of the largest platforms, which is focused on attracting clients to beauty professionals, providing hairdressers with a job, and entrepreneurs with good specialists. The platform helps to competently plan your own time using the most effective and time-tested marketing tools.

Today, the Glambook service allows stylists to work with an individual policy of postponing or canceling an appointment with a client. This allows the specialist not to spend money due to unscrupulous clients who sign up and do not come, or are late, thereby knocking down the schedule of the master.

Separately, the Glambook service took care of the competitiveness of each master. The price range for services is visible only to your customers. This approach allows masters with different levels of professionalism to set their own prices.


The Glambook platform allows hairdressers to form a client base and competently plan working hours. Moreover, the service is characterized by other advantages:

  1. Opportunity to find a job or a proven specialist from another country.
  2. Use of modern and most effective marketing tools designed to increase sales.
  3. Access to adjust your own schedule, regardless of the time of day and day of the week.
  4. Ability to save own funds from unscrupulous clients.
  5. The service contributes to the professional quality of the beauty business.
  6. The system is engaged in the processing of payments, adhering not only to cashless settlements, but also to cash settlements.

Using the Glambook platform allows craftsmen and entrepreneurs to increase demand for the services offered, become more competitive, attracting more and more customers and finding reliable business partners.