Design and installation of satellite communication systems

In the modern world, satellite technologies play an important role in providing various digital services. The Internet, digital television, constant communication with loved ones, convenient navigators in mobile phones and cars – all this became possible thanks to satellites. RESHETNEV is at the forefront of these technological advances, producing high-tech satellites that connect you to the world.

What does RESHETNEV offer?

The company is engaged in the design and construction of satellites, satellite systems and complexes that are used for communications, television, data relay, navigation and geodesy. Each satellite is developed taking into account specific requirements and missions. This ensures maximum efficiency and reliability. When choosing such devices, you need to pay attention to satellite design. For the successful operation of satellites, not only the devices themselves are needed, but also the corresponding infrastructure on Earth. The company implements ground control segments that provide constant monitoring and control of satellite systems, guaranteeing their stable operation and high performance.

The RESHETNEV company not only creates satellites, but also manages them. Experienced specialists monitor the operation of spacecraft and satellite constellations, quickly responding to any changes and ensuring uninterrupted provision of services. In order for satellites to operate efficiently, qualified personnel are needed. The company trains specialists to work with satellites, giving them all the necessary knowledge and skills for successful operation of the equipment. The support of specialists does not end at the satellite launch stage. They also provide technical support throughout the life of the satellite, ensuring its uninterrupted operation and timely resolution of any problems that arise.

Advantages of satellite communication systems

Satellite communication systems have a number of significant advantages that make them indispensable in the modern world. Satellites provide communications in the most remote corners of the planet, where traditional terrestrial networks are impossible or economically unprofitable. Modern satellite technologies make it possible to transmit data at high speed, which is especially important for Internet services and digital television. Satellite systems are resistant to natural disasters and man-made accidents, ensuring continuity of communication in any conditions.