Replacing valves on pipes

Often pipes in our residential premises are unusable. Residents of houses and apartments are in shock at the sight of broken pipes or broken valves. Often you have to listen to the swearing from the neighbors that you flooded them. In some cases, even neighbors have to do repairs at their own expense. So how to be further? Most likely, you have to learn to change valves yourself.

If you have a mixer, there is nothing wrong with that – it is not difficult to change it. You just need to unscrew two nuts and check the gaskets. They are a penny. If you do not understand what you need, just take the old as a sample, and go to the store or to the market. The problem will disappear. Well, to tighten two nuts back to you is not difficult for you. After all, you have repeatedly watched how plumbing corrects your breakdown and probably thought that you yourself would easily cope.

First you need to buy the right tool. But what? On the washing machine one size of the drove; on a shower in a different size, and. t.D. You will need only two keys. Divorce key and gas key. And the most responsible step is to buy our domestic keys. In no case do not Chinese. Next, do not wait for water to flow again, you need practice. First, redraw the water supply to your apartment. You will find the valve on the riser. Next, go to practice in a less responsible area. Let’s say a tap in the kitchen. An hour of training will benefit you. First, you will save a lot of money. But money is not the most important thing. You will protect your nerves, since you can always find five minutes from time to time to check the valves, and thereby avoid in the future of breakdowns, and most importantly, the nervous are not your fault that did not occur through your fault. Well, if you continue to work out further, and you will increase your skill to the highest level. You can not be bad on this and earn extra money. Surely your neighbors also suffer from these problems. At the same time and with your neighbors you will find a common language. Your neighbors will be very pleased to learn that a person appeared in the house who is understanding the replacement of the valves on the pipes. Nowadays we must strive to develop your skills, it will come in handy in life. Our younger generation must be involved in work. And if we teach our children this, then in the future there will be no problems with them.