Universal kitchen bracket

A convenient holder for various kitchen little things: mugs, glasses, as well as cutting boards can be made by yourself, not only very simple, but also fast.

First you need to find a grid made of metal. Such a grid you will find behind your refrigerator, it will be great if you have an old unit in the shed. The metal there is very resilient, it is very easy to bend, as it consists of several cells.

Need to take scissors for cutting metal and cut out of the grid plates, their number and size depends only on your preferences. The strips you have are worth a good scrubbing with an emery board and then with sandpaper. It is necessary to remove burrs from the metal very carefully, as well as all the dirt that has accumulated there.

Plates should be bent at right angles, and then paint in a suitable color. Make sure that the color of the plates in harmony with the interior in your kitchen. It is better to use spray paint, because it is laid fairly even, and dries very quickly.

After the plates have dried, you need to mark the distance on the kitchen wall and drill the required number of holes, then attach with screws the holders that you have. And then they can be bent at the desired angle, for example, closer to the wall.

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