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Expanded structure and acoustic formation

Increased structures: acoustic formations ”are an enlarged structure, installation created using innovative parametric architecture and audiovisual methods. Projects deal with a new installed space: how to translate the logic of the media into architecture? In this first area of ​​the experiment, the recording of the truth was transformed into the parametric architectural structure. Records were also used to create an electrical acoustic composition. The project is looking for interaction between space, sound, visual and easy (with reference to Philips Pavilion Le Kurbyuzier).Without artistic work, this attitude is urban experience, which will nest in collective memory about ̇stikla street visitors through its scale (200 kV.m. surfaces) and dominance of location (based on Istanbul).During the night, visual work was designed in a structure that was accompanied by the developed modern aesthetic Visuals Generatively, consisting of input data from records and their converted versions synchronized to the movement of graphic changes and transformation of the structure on which they were designed. The structure, which in turn is affected by the transformed design also.

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