What is a ventilated facade and why do you need it?

Ventilated facades offer a number of advantages, both for commercial objects and for private structures. This article provides some facts regarding this type of facade system. We hope that this information will be useful for you.

When people think about the facade, siding comes to their minds, which most often looks like a vinyl or aluminum panel that is attached to the outside of the house. Such siding works well on small buildings, but for large houses and large commercial structures, some additions are needed. The facade system used should protect a large surface area and be resistant to various kinds of natural loads. Ventilated facades is what works best in this case.

Ventilated facades consist of two sets of panels. The inner panel is attached directly to the building, and the outer panel is slightly removed from it with a small gap. External panels, as a rule, are only part of the system that you see. It can be decorated with paint or any facing coating.

What are the benefits of using ventilated facades?

The presence of two panels already suggests that your house has double protection. The internal panel provides most of the necessary protection and isolation. It is also waterproof and controls both moisture entering the building and air. The distance between the panels prevents the accumulation of condensate and allows easy movements inside the structure.

In addition to the protection of the house, ventilated facades can be used to create an external appearance. Different manufacturers offer a variety of forms of panels and methods for their fastening. It is also worth noting that the cladding of ventilated facades is available in different colors and materials.

An important factor that today defines the choice in favor of the ventilated facade is the creation of an energy -efficient house.

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