On the part -time work in the pool

Another specific feature is that due to the large total power of the stratum’s retinue after the part -time work, the terrain rises sharply. Plots guarded by the heads are much higher than the surrounding part -time area. This, in turn, leads to a change in the hydrogeological regime, the activation of landslide phenomena, weathering and erosion, which affects the preservation of buildings and structures protected by the curls.

The most characteristic feature of the development of the cities of Prokopyevsk and Kisslevsk is their placement above the core of synclinal folds. When working out the two upper horizons, three zones can be distinguished. The first zone A is the sections above the outputs of the layers on which failures and large cracks in the collapse were formed. In these areas, development is completely absent. The second zone B is the areas where the effect of the part -time job from the excavation of the upper horizons was affected. Partially the zone is built up with one -story individual houses, already fitted. The third zone C is the platforms that did not affect the development of the upper horizons, where the main urban development is concentrated. It is clear that with this arrangement of the development, the abandonment of the stitches on the upper horizons was not required. When practicing the 3rd and 4th horizons, almost the entire space above the core of the fold is a fit. With this location, the development enters the edge of the martial mulch, t. e. to areas of maximum stretching deformations, where the formation of cracks is possible.

It is noted that the places of the formation of cracks with ledges are located above the release of breakdown violations, which often coincide with the axis of the synclinal folds.

The main part of the residential development of the cities of Prokopyevsk and Kiselevsk is a wooden low -rise. When part -time, such houses, such as experience showed, even a led out 20 cm high does not cause destruction and after major repairs, further operation of buildings is possible. Only buildings fall on large cracks with a ledge demolish.

With horizontal deformations equal to 10 mmm, and ledges up to 10 cm high, which should be expected in the regional part of the martial when working out the fist of the layers on the 3rd horizon, wooden buildings will remain and only dilapidated houses will be demolished.