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Slicking feet and how to fight it?

Everyone has long known that when the body sweats, in this way it not only gets rid of moisture and fats inside, but also removes harmful and toxic substances. But this should be accompanied by any effect, for example, physical activity or temperature (bath, sauna). But there are people who suffer from increased sweating of the legs, without any reason, with a characteristic release of the smell. This is not a healthy secretion of sweat, but in fact it is spoiled by the release of juices and liquids that infect the vessels, as a result of which they begin to rot. This is a decay and causes an unpleasant “aroma”. And here you can not do with the usual procedure of washing with soap. It is necessary to fundamentally extract the cause of vessels rot, and not eliminate the consequences. There are several effective ways to cure this ailment with folk remedies. Naturally, you must understand that traditional medicine helps only in such minor ailments, if you have a more serious disease, for example, cramps. Then, first of all, it is necessary to find out the causes of convulsive syndrome and then proceed to the treatment that the doctor must prescribe.

As for the sweating of the legs, one of the most effective methods is wraps for the night. To do this, you need to take a dense canvas from flax or cotton (plant fabric), soak it well in a decoction of pine cones, branches and bark for half an hour. Then squeeze a little and wrap your legs ankle. If necessary, put on plastic bags or wrap with cling film. In the morning, after removing the canvas, you should make baths with hot water with the addition of haze corkhos or wheat spikelets, alternately dipping the feet into very cold water. This procedure has been done for three weeks, and sweating with the “aroma” will leave forever. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure.

Another effective tool is a bath of oak bark. To prepare it, it is necessary to make a decoction from one part of the bark and ten parts of water. Add propolis and ten milliliters of alcohol tincture of viburnum to the decoction. Such a bath for feet should not be hot and exceed thirty -seven degrees. The legs should be soared in it for half an hour, then rinse with ordinary warm water and put on natural socks. This procedure is done for two weeks and sweating should leave.

In addition, we must not forget about the usual hygiene of the feet so that such a problem does not fit. It is necessary to devote as much time as possible to the legs for ventilation, wear not close shoes made of natural materials, often make sparing scrubs, and do not abuse various ointments and creams so as not to clog the pores.