Insulation of the attic

As a rule, plasterboard sheets are used as the main material with independent insulation of the attic. A galvanized profile will be used for fastening drywall. It is best to use moisture -resistant drywall gypsum sheets.

First, the starting strips of the frame are laid on drywall, and then wooden bars are inserted into them, the size of which should correspond to the size of the profile. Bars are attached with self -tapping screws. In order to save material, it is allowed to instruct short bars on each other. This approach will not affect the strength of the structure.

Inside the attic is used, as a rule, plywood or chipboard. Their size should also correspond to the size of the profile. Nevertheless, in designs from wood-and-based plates, cracks are very often formed, which subsequently should be filled with mounting foam. Warming material should always be laid on the inside of the chipboard. For insulation, it is best to use adgilin, which is fixed using a construction stapler.

The space between the metal profile is filled with mineral wool. Also, during the insulation of the attic, a vapor barrier should be arranged. A similar design, consisting of a combination of different materials, also has excellent soundproofing properties.

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