Doors installation with your own hands – Do -it -yourself repair

Repair is a tsunami, a hurricane that rushes at a huge speed around the house, sweeping away and destroying everything in its path. But the result of this tsunami is comfort and beauty. In order to somehow reduce costs, some owners prefer some of the work to do on their own, for example, doors installation work.

Before you go to the store outside the door, you need to make measurements. First you need to measure the old door. It is also necessary to evaluate the thickness of the walls. This is necessary to decide: it is worth buying a prescription strip or you can do the thickness of the door box.

In general, making your own repairs, it is difficult to satisfy the need of your own “ego”, but also save a little. After all, the cost of the services of the brigade is an amount that depends not only on professionalism, but also on such a remotely influencing factor, as the dynamics of the ruble exchange rate, which can sharply fluctuate.

After the measurements are made, the door is purchased, you can start work. Box and door are collected to start on the floor. In order for the door to close and open, between the door leaf and the box, it is necessary to lay cardboard. Now the doorbell bars are strictly interconnected with nails.

The collected box is fixed in the opening with long self -tapping screws. The main thing is not to twist screws, otherwise the box can “lead”. Then you can proceed to the installation of the canvas and canopies. At the last stage, the boxes and the cardboard door are laid between the bars and the space between the opening and the beams of the box. It is advisable not to open the door within 24 hours.