Choice of accessories for glass doors

Today, glass doors have gained wide popularity, there are even glass interior doors. Elements of the Furniture of the glass door should emphasize the beauty of the glass and harmoniously complement the beauty of the glass. The smallest details are distinguished against the background of glass, therefore, attention is paid to the aesthetic side of the combination of various materials with a glass surface. At the same time, each detail should effectively fulfill its practical purpose.

A constructive feature of the elements of accessories for glass doors is small size and increased strength. Manufacturers prefer aluminum, stainless steel and brass details. The surfaces of parts are polished to a mirror shine, subjected to anodization or covered with special colors.

Most manufacturers withstand a single style when creating individual sets of hardware for doors (fasteners, loops, brackets, pens). Special sets emphasize the general idea of ​​the original design of the room. Along with traditional elements, automatic door opening systems and electric locks are widely used.

The set of elements in the kit can vary depending on the method of opening the door. The main structures of glass doors include pendulum, swing and sliding systems. For example, for the pendulum door, an additional floor closer and specific fastener will be required to the floor and ceiling, and the installation of the sliding door provides for the installation of a rail and a carriage for displacing the door leaf.