Install the interior sliding door

In a modern apartment or country house, sliding interior doors are installed so that they perform some important functions. For example, such doors can allow saving a place in small rooms, For the movement of the door along the wall, less space is necessary (unlike swing wings), or are a beautiful complement to the interior. Make a lot of repairs? Plasterboard sheets will help to make interesting ideas in design.

Types of structures at sliding doors are with an external and internal installation. The internal suggests that the doors will be hidden inside the wall – such an installation is best suited during construction.

Complex work is not required for external installation. The guide elements are required, which are attached to the wall. The guide elements are provided in two types:

– Standard, fastenings at the top and bottom

– directing only at the top

Alignment of walls and floor, especially in the place where the door will open is one of the basic requirements in preparing a place to install an interior sliding door. If this condition is not fulfilled, then when the door is moved, they may get stuck, which very soon can lead to their breakdown.

Another, no less important element to which you need to pay attention is the material from which the wall consists. Choose the fasteners based on this information. The whole procedure for mounting sliding interior doors will be in choosing the desired attachment of the guide element to the floor or wall.

High -quality installation of such a door depends on the choice of accessories, because it is its quality that directly affects both the service life, and safety in use, and the work of sliding wings. Buy accessories from a trusted manufacturer, be sure to guarantee and do not forget to pay attention to the quality.

When installing, do not forget about the construction level, because the skew can subsequently lead to unexpected breakdown. At the top of the sliding door, carriers are placed that attach it to the guide element. A shoe is installed below. After that, the wings themselves are suspended, and the installation of sliding doors is completed.