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Flax seed in folk medicine.

Traditional medicine represents many different medicinal plants, whose healing effect could be called a panacea from all diseases. Every day we encounter various pathologies, inflammatory processes. This is facilitated by many exogenous and endogenous factors. For example, twenty years ago, people were stronger, healthier, the immunity was at a high level. According to statistics, the birth rate has significantly decreased, and life expectancy has clearly shortened. Why are such changes? It would seem that medicine has reached a new level of development, every day more and more effective drugs are regularly appeared, which should have some improvements compared to the rest. So why is the duration of life less? Firstly, an environmental factor plays a small role, and secondly, think for yourself if the drug is very strong for a long time, how it will affect neighboring systems? Yes, perhaps the answer will not make yourself expect.

Traditional medicine represents alternative natural treatment, which does not require particularly large investments of financial. Some of you, think that folk treatment means the use of all sorts of decoctions by barrels and chew the grass with bags. Not by no means. It is enough to know, an accurate diagnosis of your own disease and the nature of the course, for example, acute course or chronic.Which of you in your diet as a prevention uses flax seed? If there are 5% percent of the whole society and then it is good. This plant is the most harmless from all medicinal herbal preparations. Science proven that flax does not cause absolutely no side effects, on the contrary, it helps all the systems of our body. And if you clearly know your diagnosis and set yourself the task of healing one or another organ, then using it in the right proportions, you can quickly achieve an effective and desired result.

Children and adults who fight various allergic reactions should be consumed ten grams of flax seed every day. It can be applied in a grinding form, sprinkle instead of seasoning. This will not only save you from allergies, but also increase the immunity of the whole organism.For people suffering for a long time, gastrointestinal diseases (ulcers, constipation, gastritis, cholecystitis, intestinal obstruction, etc.), flax will be the best analgesic, in addition, the exchange process will improve. Flax seeds are very God you fiber and minerals. In no product there is no such enveloping action. Thanks to this, using it every day, you reduce the risk of getting gastritis, hemorrhoids, atherosclerosis and even cancer.