A few ideas when renovating a small kitchen

One of the most common problems in most families is the lack of space in the kitchen. The challenge for the housewife is to succeed in obtaining the necessary comfort in a small kitchen and to find space for all kitchen appliances and accessories. Nevertheless, small kitchens have their own charm.

Small kitchens tend to look cluttered, even when there are not many utensils in sight. If you decorate your kitchen in the colors of your choice, the focus will be on the colors and the small kitchen will not look so cluttered.

Do not forget to regularly wash dishes and clean work areas. Cleanliness in the room will create a unique feeling of freshness and space. In addition, you can enhance the effect of purity with the color white. White visually expands the room and minimalist design will make it more spacious.

Use cabinets for food storage and create more space for concealed devices. So the kitchen table will not look cluttered.

Don’t give up efficient appliances to save space in a small kitchen. Ceramic stoves are not only extremely compact and easy to cook on, they also look good. So feel free to equip your kitchen with modern built-in appliances.

Sometimes it is very difficult to find a place to store all the kitchen utensils. A rational option is to use a wall on which you can hang racks for knives, pots or spices. It’s a great space saver.