Foam concrete blocks (foam blocks) p. Mosrentgen

The production of foam blocks in the village of Mosrentgen began in early 2007. The reason for the construction of the plant for the production of foam concrete blocks was the construction of a business center in the near the village of Mosrentgen. Construction has long ended but the plant has been operating to this day, I use modern materials and technologies for the manufacture of wall blocks.  Every year, production volumes are increasing, and today it is 27.000 m3 per year, which allows you to completely cover the demand for this building material. For production, only high -quality materials are used: small sand, water, foaming agent, Portland cement m 500 D0 and fiber -fiber. Fibrous in this industry is not often found, which is very strange, since this material gives foam concrete special properties that positively affect the quality of the product. Fibloki with fiber -fiber at this plant began to be produced since mid -2009, which has favorably affected demand and positive reviews.

The plant has its own car with various freight vehicles that allows you to deliver the ordered products to the construction site. Different loading of vehicles allows the buyer to purchase various volume of products to save money and purchase excess volume of blocks. It is also possible to purchase products and pick up your transport. Employees of the plant will meet you and quickly immerse you on your car the required number of blocks.  Also, the buyer has the opportunity to look at the whole process of manufacturing foam block.

Technical characteristics of products:

Heat insulation material from 400 to 600 kgm3;

Thermal insulation and structural material from 700 to 1100 kgm3;

Structural material from 1200 to 1600 kgm3;

Compression strength – from 10 kgsm2 to 115 kgsm2 (21 days), from 12 kgsm2 to 110 kgsm2 (28 days);

Thermal conductivity coefficient – from 0.13 VM ° C to 0.49 VM ° C (in a dry state);

Heat transfer coefficient – from 0.26 kcalm2h ° C to 1.63 kcalm2h ° C (depending on the thickness of the wall);

Magnificent sound insulation – from 40 dB to 57 dB (depending on the thickness of the wall);

Water absorption – from 8.5 %to 3.8 %;

Vapor permeability coefficient – from 3.0 mgm hour per to 0.6 mgm hour Pa;

2nd class of environmental friendliness (wood 1 class);

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