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What to visit in St. Petersburg?

“I love you, Peter Creation, I love your strict, slender look, a non-senior stream, its coastal granite …”- this is how I responded.FROM. Pushkin about St. Petersburg. And these verses are not idle talk: Petersburg is actually saturated with many historical and cultural places. How, upon arrival in this wonderful city, you can’t get lost in all many forms and visit the most important attractions of St. Petersburg? What to visit first?

It is worth starting an inspection of Peter from the Nevsky Prospekt metro station (Gostiny Dvor) and preferably on foot, as buses are usually forced to stand in large traffic jams. Next, move to the side of the Isaacian Council-Religious and Architectural Monument, which is able to surprise with its sizes and the beauty of the most inexperienced tourist. Buy a ticket not only to Isaac’s Cathedral, but also for the colonnade of this cathedral, since it is from the colonnade that a beautiful view of the center of St. Petersburg opens, and from a great height.

Next, be sure to visit the Hermitage place, which I have heard, for sure, everyone. It is best to come here in the early morning, for sure to get inside. Do not set the goal of seeing all the exhibits of this place: it’s just useless. For inspection of all exhibits, it may take about a few days. Therefore, designate for yourself a list of those paintings that for you is, as they say, vital.

Of course, it is worth visiting the Peterhof Stolitsa Fontans, Russian Versailles. This palace and park complex makes sense to visit from May to September, since fountains are included only at this time. If you come to Petersburg not at this period of time, do not be upset: Peterhof is not only fountains, these are also beautiful museums and parks.

Do not forget about Tsarskoye Selo (Ekaterininsky Palace), in which the famous amber room is located. In good weather, you can enjoy a walk in a beautiful park.

It also makes sense to visit the attractions such as Palace Square, a monument to Peter I- Copper Horseman, Trinity and Palace Bridge, Summer Garden, saved on blood, oceanarium, Peter and Paul Fortress … Here the ellipsis is very appropriate, because a memorable place for you can become slightly for you Isn’t it any place of a beautiful city on the Neva..