How to sheathe a bathhouse from the inside

You built a bathhouse? But doubt the correctness of the choice of material for finishing? Without a doubt, the best material was and remains wood. The traditional lining has a smooth surface and grooves for joining boards.

When choosing the material, remember that the lining with a low percentage of humidity will last longer, especially when it comes to baths from a gallected log. There should also not be many defects; Buscovs. In the steam room for wall lining, deciduous rocks of coniferous trees are used.

This is Lipa, Olha and Osina. Such walls are remarkably held by heat, while they themselves do not overheat, and when touching them it is impossible to get a burn. Keep in mind that in the steam lining with varnish or some more chemical drugs are not treated. Here the walls should only be from natural materials.

The ceiling in the bath is finished in the same way as the walls of the lining. But here we need wood with a low resin content, otherwise when heated, the resin will be released from wood, and will drip on your head. Correctly selected wood, which was diverted with resin and underwent heat treatment.

We recommend that you also finish the oven in the bathhouse. It is hygienic, and the appearance of the furnace will delight you. You can simply plastered it, lining with expansion-a popular way of driving a furnace due to an attractive appearance. Or use masonry in steel cases.

Wooden floors are great for the dressing room. In the washing and steam room, a great option would be a concrete base. We fasten individual wood bars on top, which at any time can be lifted, taken out and dried.

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