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Seamless ceilings

Most likely, you have already heard that there are new achievements in the world of windows. So, seamless windows that have many positive qualities have been gaining popularity recently. They gradually began to supplant those double -glazed windows from the world of windows, which were recently considered very common.

Our company has been working in the world of windows for a long time and is now ready to provide its customers with the newest and advanced model of windows that are ideal for any home. In order to get acquainted with what we propose, we invite you to visit our store, having devoted only a few minutes. You don’t have to go anywhere now, spend your precious time. Just sit down comfortably, follow this link: and now our catalog and description, illustrations, and prices are in front of your eyes. Do not think that something on the site and in real life may vary. Everything will be the same as in the catalog, in which we put only real products. Of course, you are interested to know as much information as possible about the products that we present? First of all, it is worth noting that such windows made without seams are made on the most modern and latest equipment, which offers the perfect performance of the corner joints of the window itself, the accuracy of which can reach a share of millimeters. So according to old technology, profiles in the very corner are welded among themselves, but this seam, despite the fact that it is rude, it is also quite strong. The so -called manufacturing technology appears «The influx», which then with the help of a milling machine is polished to the highest accuracy. Usually where welding occurs, the seam is 2 or 2.5 centimeters. Now, on new equipment and when the new windows are released, this corner joint is performed more carefully, because the seam becomes strong, and also a high -precision. And therefore, if you look at this place where there should be a seam, it looks like a thin thread that goes diagonally, and if you look at it from afar, for example, from a meter, then it is almost impossible to see it.

We are glad to always see new customers who want to use our online store and purchase high -quality and modern products.