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Types of siding

Siding is widely used for finishing building facades, balconies, loggias. It got its popularity because of the ease and speed of installation, high performance, aesthetic appearance and a wide range of. Siding is divided into several types, depending on the material .of which it is made. The most popular is vinyl siding. It has a wide variety of colors, textures. Vinyl siding is resistant to external influences (snow, rain, sunlight, etc.).д.), durable, lightweight, strong.

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Also quite common is the aluminum siding, which by its properties is largely similar to vinyl: it is also light, durable, resistant to various adverse effects, represented in a wide range of colors. But aluminum siding has a disadvantage, such as low resistance to corrosion, so it requires treatment with protective agents (paints, films, etc.), which can be used to prevent corrosion.п.). Also the disadvantage of coating is low impact resistance. Of the metal types of siding, there are also steel. It is durable and not vulnerable to corrosion, unlike aluminum. However, steel siding is heavy, which requires a more powerful foundation. Therefore, such a coating is rarely used in private construction. From the exclusive siding is worth to allocate the wooden, ceramic and cement siding, which are used in construction is very rare.