Relations between former spouses

Unfortunately, in our country, according to statistics, a considerable number of divorces that occur for various reasons, sometimes due to haste, but most often, when love allegedly passed, and the couple decided not to flutter the nerves anymore. In most cases, such families already have common children. But is it necessary to maintain relations with ex -husbands after the divorce proceedings?

First of all, in no case do not show that you want to return something, even if this is true, you just show your weakness. But to admire and use it as a familiar thing is also not worth. If you were happy with him, it means that he is standing now. But still, the former means really the former. The current one can remain only as the father of your common children.

Of course, you can read a book on how to return your ex -husband, if you are still not sure that you want to be left without him. And only then make a decision on the appropriateness of further relations.

When the most unpleasant part – the divorce proceedings and stay in court were left behind – you need to breathe deeply and cross out this person from your life. Then you should radically change yourself, so as not to step on the same or similar rakes, to love yourself.

But it is easy to change your life without the former if you have not managed to get a common child, or he does not claim the title of “approximate dad”. Otherwise, the child is seen by his own father – nonsense, here you can no longer do anything, and sometimes you will have to see an echo of your past. But at the moments of these meetings, always show yourself from the best side, exaggerate his nose, proving that you are a strong woman and deserve the best.

In the modern world, former spouses can connect one more thing in addition to the child – business. But if this business is not an enterprise that cannot be divided in any way – run away. Nothing good even from a business relationship with the former will come out.

Do not also try to be friends with ex -husbands. This European fashion is possibly abroad and is considered an ideal option after a divorce, but not in our case.

All that was in the past is left there and perceive it for granted. The transfer of your personal time in order to communicate with the former, not counting questions about children – a waste of time. After all, you can spend your beloved, searching for a new, more worthy half. Carry out in your soul a “cleaning operation” comparable to cleaning the cabinet: everything is unnecessary – to the garbage tank, and there is nothing to put off here for later. So, that, dear ladies, divorce – not a reason to grieve and burst into yourself. On the contrary, this is a second wind, the ability to start life from scratch.