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Which baby stroller to choose

With the advent of the child in your life, the question arises of choosing the main vehicle of your baby – a baby stroller. Do not forget that it will last you a single year, so you should approach its choice with all seriousness and responsibility. First of all, it is worth determining which option is more suitable for you-a classic stroller or a stroller-transformer. Each of them has its own pros and cons of. The advantage of the “transformer” is that it will last you for a long time and will “transform” simultaneously with the growth of your child from the cradle in a walking version. Such a stroller is very strong, suitable for any time of the year, well protects the child from wind and sun due to a light change of position of the handle. Attracts the presence of a large number of pockets, a mosquito net, a raincoat and a spacious bag in the kit. The back has several provisions. But do not forget about the disadvantages – such a stroller has a very large weight and if you live in a multi -storey building, then you will face the difficulty of climbing to the floor, but in the apartment the stroller itself will not take up much space, t.to. Easy to fold. The bottom of the cradle of the stroller-transformer is slightly raised, which also creates inconvenience for newborn children. In addition, such a stroller is designed for a low growth of parents. The classic stroller has a more thorough size, in connection, problems with its placement in the apartment are possible, but for a newborn child it is more convenient due to the fact that it has a deep cradle with a hard flat bottom. If the place in the apartment allows you to have two strollers – one for sleeping, the other for walking, then it is still better to lean towards the “classics”. If universality is more important for you and there is no extra place, then your choice is a stroller-transformer. Sites will help you choose the most acceptable option for you of your baby’s first vehicle. Having stopped your choice on a specific model, do not forget about the operating conditions of the stroller. Very often parents are attracted by the solid size of the wheels and the stroller itself, it seems that this is a kind of all -terrain vehicle. Indeed, such a stroller will easily overcome snow obstacles and irregularities on the road. But how such a “all -terrain vehicle” will fit in a narrow elevator? The complete equipment of the stroller is also an attractive moment. But it is worth remembering, if “everything” includes “everything”, then, as a rule, it will be very heavy and not every mother will be able to raise the stroller up the stairs. What can not be said about the stroller of the Mima Bo cane. Do not forget to evaluate the size of the cradle. Thus, the right choice will help you save time and money, and also help to avoid surprises when operating the stroller.