Modern welding technologies

Today welding is used in a wide variety of industries and production. During the entire existence of such technologies, various technologies of welding work have been invented, possessing as their advantages and disadvantages. Each of them is used in a certain situation.

The most common method of welding is manual arc welding. It is most often used, if necessary, a strong connection of carbon and stainless steels, since for this such welding technology is best suited. The main elements of equipment of this type are directly a welding device and electrodes, which are covered with a special substance.

As the main drawback of arc welding, experts note rather low performance, as well as the fact that in the process of welding the formation of toxins occurs, which must be removed.

As for the advantages of welding of an arc type, it should be noted that such equipment has a low cost, and the consumables themselves are quite affordable in price. The electrode allows you to carry out work in various directions, and for their use does not require additional fuel in the form of gas.

In some cases, in the course of welding, an arc method requires a protective environment in the form of an inert gas, which is most often used by an electrode that has a tungsten coating and an Argon gas. This kind of welding technology is most often used to combine aluminum alloys. This welding method also has low performance, and requires the welder to have high qualifications.

Another common method is gas welding. In the process of welding in this way, metals are heated using a flame from a gas combustible mixture, after which they are strongly connected. For these purposes, special equipment is used in the form of a welding machine with a gas burner, as well as a set of burners that allow you to form a flame of various directions and various intensities. For welding with this method of various metals, various gas mixtures must be used.