The attractions of Anapa. Rodnik “At the Eagle”

The Rodnik “At the Eagle” is the first attraction that the travelers are met by traveling to Anapa “.

This source is located on the Novorossiysk highway 15 kilometers from the city near the roadside. He breaks through at the foot of the hill under the canopy of trees. Someone put it with stones and put a stone eagle on a pile of other shapeless stones connected by cement.

The spring does not apply to mineral healing sources or the saints.

But there are always people near him, even in the cold season. And there’s nothing to talk about summer. In the heat there is even a queue often happens. The water in the spring is very clean and cold. And even though it is customary to say about water that it has no taste, people consider water from the Spring of the Eagle very tasty. Coming here often and wedding motorcades. Young people are given a bowl of crystal clear water, so that their life together also becomes so crystal clean and happy.

Tourists during excursions outside the city must stop the bus near the spring in order to “pamper” tourists with water and legends about the spring. According to one of the legends popular among guides about how, walking on the ground with his retinue, God Dionysus wandered into these places. He saw beautiful vineyards and many people working on them. But people cultivated grapes only in order to eat it, dry it on raisins, make juice out of it.

Dionysus decided to show people what else can be done from grapes.

He hit the ground with a stick and scored a spring with a marvelous drunk “water” from the scene of the blow. Dionysus told people that this wine and they can do such wine from grapes.

A year later, Dionysus decided to visit how people learned to make wine. He found complete desolation here, dying vineyards, and people wandered around the district with drunken crowds and sang drunken songs. Then Dionysus closed the spring, laid it with stones and put the eagle there to guard the wine spring. And next to the stick with a stick was opened by a spring with simple water for thirsty. The eagle, according to legend, was planted the one that once pecked the heart and liver of Prometheus. People began to work on vineyards again, collecting large yields from them.

This legend is told by most guides.

Now, after gathering the grape crop, in these places they spend a holiday of wine. This holiday is usually held in September. After the holiday, they put “play” young wine.

If fate throws someone in these places, let him try the water from the spring “at the eagle”.

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