The best expensive large refrigerators in the market (at the beginning of 2017)

Over the past few years, refrigerators have been focused on their products. New models entering the market are usually very large and capacious. And in addition to standard large refrigerators, super-gabarit options are present on the market.

Certain options make refrigerators smart, but the intellectual capabilities of the refrigerator are not interested in every buyer. Nevertheless, our list today lists large, expensive and functional models.

one. Drogy Big refrigerator LG LFXC24796D – costs more than four thousand dollars. Stands out with the transparency of one of the walls, width, resistance to traces from the fingers. These are special functions that may not be interested in many, but absolutely everyone will like these options for the refrigerator: quietly, perfectly controls the temperature, energy efficient.

2. Four -door Whirlpool Wrf995Fifz – costs a little less than four thousand dollars. It has a bunch of unique storage features, starting with the “endless” sliding shelves that allow saving the space inside, and ending with the ice ice with an ice ice on 5 pounds. It also has ideal temperature control.

3. Samsung RF28K9580SR with a LCD screen on which you can watch television programs and through which you can order products. This is a very, very quiet large refrigerator. Costs almost 5 thousand dollars.

four. A very expensive spacious Kitchenaid KBFN502ess refrigerator – costs almost 10 thousand dollars. Large, has excellent control of temperature indicators, quiet. One of the best among built -in models.