Light in the office

Office lighting should combine the usefulness with design aesthetics. Various departments within the framework of one company may need different lighting methods, but in the end the whole light should be completed according to the rule: “attractive practicality” to bear the tangible value of the organization.

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Next, we will describe several key points in the coverage of offices of various purposes.

The light in the head of the head should reflect confidentiality and delicate taste. Many leaders decorate their offices with decorative furniture and invaluable works of art, but forget to organize suitable lighting for them. With the light in the office of the leadership, you can experiment, however, the right lamps should be installed at the desktop, which will not strain the eyes in the process of prolonged work with documents.

Light in managers or administrative offices, for example, in accounting, requires maximum attention. It is advisable to install lamps that will not leave glare on the screens, since any glare is downed numbers, and in accounting – this is especially important. If the room is separated by partitions, then the light that creates the illusion of personal space is desirable. Lighting in administrative offices should be neutral and not cause stress. The table of each individual employee needs his lamp.

The light in the meeting room should be directed as much as possible at the table. Since there is most often a board or screen in the meeting room for meetings, the light should be located so as not to interfere with viewing information on these media.

The light in the rest room should motivate employees to relax. Lighting should create a relaxed atmosphere.

Light in the waiting area should emphasize this space. Since the foyer or a hall for guests is a place where your client to get acquainted with your office, it is worth hanging pictures and some other accessories of the decor. And light solutions all these details must be highlighted as much as possible.

Portal Project Rodny wishes you a light and comfortable office. Successful work.