How to paint the walls in the bathroom

If you choose the materials for the decoration in the bathroom of the walls, you will have to encounter defects such as mold, the appearance of bubbles, peeling of paint. Therefore, it is necessary to choose special materials for repairing bathrooms. These materials should not be afraid of moisture and dry quickly if water came on them.

Acrylic water -based paint is considered an ideal option. Its main advantages:

– applied easily;

– quickly dries;

– Ease of care.

The wall painted with such a composition in case of contamination can be washed with water with a small amount of soap or wiped. After painting the wall, you can read about the creation of sites to pass the time.

The process of painting walls in the bathroom requires thorough preparation.

Remove all finishing materials and dark mold spots from the walls in the bathroom. Make the walls themselves perfectly even so that the irregularities and roughness are not noticeable when painting, treat them with a special antifungal composition and special primer. After these procedures, let the walls dry and then apply the paint.

It is better to stop your choice on a semi -glossy paint, which includes an acrylic copolymer, which looks perfectly on the walls, creates a comfortable atmosphere, the walls protects from the formation of spots, environmentally friendly, quickly dries. So that the walls dry out evenly, no drafts should be in the room when painting.

You will save significantly if you choose painting as a finish in the bathroom and at the same time create a neat and very beautiful room.