How to attach a stretch ceiling to drywall?

How to attach a stretch ceiling to drywall?

Installation of suspended ceilings is much faster than installation of drywall sheets. Also, such a coating does not need finish using facing materials. In addition, suspended ceilings can decorate any room, since the choice of colors and drawings is limitless. But in some cases, the interior design involves the creation of a ceiling in several levels combining polyvinyl chloride and drywall. Therefore, you need to know how to properly fix the tension sheet to drywall.

There are three main methods:

French (harpoon).

Dutch (free -eyed).


French mount

First of all, it is important to make an accurate measurement of the room. The size of the panel should be 7% less, then it can be pulled. Garpun bar is welded even in the manufacture of the canvas. The contour of the figures of drywall mount the bar for fasteners. One edge of the canvas is inserted into it with a spatula. After it is heated to 70 degrees and the other edge is inserted in the same way. You also need to mount other ends. Когда гарпун в крепежной планке защелкивается, то виниловое натяжное полотно надежно зафиксировано. To hide this fastener, a decorative bar is used.

Dutch method

This mount is a little easier. It consists in inserting one edge of the canvas into the bar of fasteners and fix it using another decorating bar. This method resembles stretching the fabric in the hooks for embroidery. The panel should be less than the future stretch ceiling by about 100-150 mm. During heating, it will stretch. All the ends of the vinyl film that remained to peek out of the decorative baguette after installation can be carefully trimmed.

Fist mount

In this case, the fastener panel has fists, and one of them is a spring. The vinyl canvas is inserted into a fist with a spatula. During this process, the fist, which is located on top, is squeezed. When the spatula is pulled, he returns to its former place, thus guaranteeing fixation. If the stretch ceiling must be installed on an area of ​​more than 200 kV. m, then it is necessary to mount additional stiffener ribs so that there is no sagging.