Features of the FinMV platform: description

The FinMV platform was developed specifically for the launch and development of fintech projects. This is the best software product for crowdfunding business.

The FinMV overview of countries’ fintech legislation platform is distinguished by ease of use, functionality, and a large number of technological products. With the FinMV platform, you can grow your business quickly and efficiently.

Product description

Each company planning to launch a financial platform in any of the existing areas faces the question of choosing software.

To develop your own software, you will need to constantly maintain an IT department with an impressive payroll. After creating your own platform, you can expect to receive a license for about a year, while continuing to maintain an IT department that will further customize the platform. Such expenses will significantly reduce the profitability of the business.

The purchase of ready-made software, in addition to significant costs for its acquisition, will require large investments to configure the software for the business logic of a particular company.

The use of SaaS solutions involves leasing software. This allows you to get by with relatively low costs at the initial stage. But as the business grows, the amount of monthly payments will also increase. And it will be physically impossible to stop dependence on other people’s servers.

The solution offered by FinMV to business owners is the most beneficial in all respects. The client receives ready-made software that is fully configured for the business logic of his company. All documentation necessary for obtaining a license is also provided to the client.

Unlike the vast majority of similar companies, FinMV provides the client with access to the program code and project databases.

The connection price and monthly payment are calculated depending on which modules the client has chosen.
After the project is launched and marketing activities are carried out, the rapid growth of the business will begin. After some time, the company will have enough financial resources to purchase a perpetual non-exclusive license or port the project to its own program code. This can be done at any moment.

Thus, FinMV allows you to save money at the initial stage of business development, promotes further growth and allows you to go your own independent path at any time.