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Features of cryptocurrency trading: what you need to know

Today, one of the most common methods of passive income is cryptocurrency trading.

For this, specialized exchanges are used, one of which is the xSignals exchange, which has reliable signals for trading crypto indicators.

About the service

The xSignals service offers users real-time crypto and forex signals using just one application. The service allows users to forget about a large number of tabs, tables, subscriptions to different bloggers, since all the tools necessary for trading are collected in one tab of the trading platform.

The xSignals service also offers a desktop version of the mobile app. Thanks to mobile signals online, investors can conduct transactions, regardless of their location. You just need to install the xSignals app and you can start selling.

To start working on the platform, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Register and download the xSignals app: create an individual account, download the app on a PC or smartphone.
  2. Choose a Forex broker or an exchange focused on cryptocurrency: open a trading platform and a signal in a browser, or install the xSignals application and configure the broker integration.
  3. Start trading: get training in the basics of selling and use the signals, analytical tools necessary to form and test your own trading tactics.


Why is the xSignals service so attractive to investors? Firstly, the platform has fairly stable signals 24/7. All signals are received within 24 hours, therefore, each user, regardless of their location, will receive a notification.

Secondly, the platform is great for inexperienced traders, providing an opportunity to practice and develop your own selling tactics using a demo account and free xSignals signals. At the same time, the opening of a real account can be carried out at any time convenient for the user.

Moreover, the xSignals service allows traders to sell right now, without facing any restrictions, adhering to an increased level of comfort and using all the tools necessary for analytics!