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A combination of shoes and clothing in a male style

Modern fashion dictates its rules for both women and men. For a long time, the days have passed when a man’s wardrobe, in particular shoes, consisted of several pairs of sneakers, shoes and boots. Now men’s shoes are so very diversity that not every man knows the correct name of a particular pair. And not only that, you still need to be able to correctly make up a tandem of shoes and clothes.

Summer shorts are combined with several shoe models. Namely, they are suitable for them:

Ordinary sports sneakers.

Sneakers – sports shoes with a variety of colors and a fabric or leather top on rubber flat sole.

Top-sider-shoes similar to moccasins made of leather or textiles, but on a stronger sole with minimal openings for lacing in front and rolled laces on the sides.

Espadrille – light, summer, tissue slippers made of natural materials.

It is best to combine jeans with the following types of shoes.

Derby-pretty universal shoes with open lacing. The side part in it is sewn on top of the main part. The material from which the derby is usually made of suede or leather.

Sneakers are all beloved and recognizable, the main thing is not to be mistaken in combination of colors.

Mokasins – shoes made of non -carbon fabrics and on soft soles, with a structural seam in front.

HIITOPs – sneakers with a high boot.

To light linen trousers (Chinos), such models are best suited.

Classic sneakers of neutral colors.


Penny Lofer is similar to moccasins, but on a wider sole with a small heel. This shoe does not have laces or fasteners.

Chuka – high boots with several pairs of lacing holes. Come from suede or soft leather. Such boots are indispensable in autumn weather.

Pants will look great with such types of shoes.

Monki is a very practical shoes, similar to semi -bots, equipped with a pair of buckles.

Brogi – shoes with lacing and perforation. Often produced with W-shaped oval toe


Oxfords are best suited for a classic men’s suit – these are the most stringent and business male shoes. They are characterized by closed lacing and tightly sewn lateral parts (berets). The mouse can be both oval and cutting.