5 New Year’s ideas using a can

The most ordinary bank can serve as an excellent decoration for the festive decor for the New Year. 5 very simple options are presented to your attention, which you can use for your home to make New Year’s holidays even more beautiful and fabulous.

You can also see how to make a snow town from a can, and how to use a Christmas tree jar.

one. Jars with sweets

Such jars can serve as a gift for babies and decoration for the New Year’s table. You will need a jar, preferably with a beautiful plastic lid. Wash the jar well and clean the label. The glass itself needs to be left transparent, since the decoration will be the sweets themselves, but the lid can be additionally decorated. In this case, a sticker under the fabric in the red cage was used.

For banks, use small multi -colored sweets so that they look good. If a jar with sweets is a gift, you can pack and a spoon.

2. Swimming candle

Such a bank will serve as an improvised candlestick. Peel the jar, pour it with water, but not to the end, fill it with fresh twigs of greenery, and lay frozen berries on top. They are usually light, so they will not sink. It is on them that you can put an ordinary candle and light.

3. Jewel

To create such a beautiful composition, you will need tall banks, small cones, artificial snow, a bog rope and high white candles.

Pour a little artificial snow on the bottom of the jar and fix the candle in the center of the jar.

Cones, top of the jar and rope must be additionally decorated with artificial snow. Tie 2 cones to each jar and tie a neck with a rope several times.

So that the thread holds well, you can apply a little glue to the neck of the cans.

four. Red bows

In this case, jars with candles will serve as no candlesticks, but by decoration.

The principle is the same as in the previous case, but without cones. Fasten the candle and artificial snow at the bottom of the jar. Close the lid.

The glass itself can be decorated with stickers – stars or ribbons of bronze color. Glue red bows from a satin tape on the lids of the cans.

Several cans of various sizes can be placed on the tray and decorated with balls and cones, the main thing is to get in tone.

5. Snow flashlights

The jar needs to be cleaned of the label. Using a thin brush, draw a snowflake with white acrylic paint around the entire perimeter of the jar.

When snowflakes dry, apply artificial snow to the whole jar, especially paying attention to the neck.

Inside the jars put a small candle, and tie a satin ribbon on the neck.