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Soundproofing the walls in the apartment

Soundproofing the walls in the apartment

The problem of high quality sound insulation in apartments has existed since the appearance of high-rise buildings. For the most part, ceilings in apartment buildings are excellent at transmitting extraneous noises. To date, there are a large number of different materials used to create additional sound insulation.

First of all we want to note the various holes in the walls, which arose during the laying of communications. They are the first thing you need to get rid of. The most common materials used for soundproofing walls are asbestos sheets, mineral wool, basalt board and other. In addition, more recently there is a new way to soundproof walls – a special sealant that is placed in various cracks and grooves in the walls.

A special place in the sound insulation of the walls in the apartment is to give the assembly foam. The only drawback is that after the work is done, the wall must be plastered. Due to the fact that the apartment is surrounded by other residential premises, the joints between the walls, floor and ceiling perfectly transmits noise. In this case, you need to fill the space under the baseboard acrylic sealant.

Window openings are another major source of noise. Tight grease and silicone sealant around the perimeter of the glass should prevent noise from entering the room. Around the perimeter of the window frame should be a dense layer of foam. Remember that soundproofing materials can not qualitatively perform their purpose if they are only ten millimeters thick.