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But the bath begins with the shelves!

In order for your bath to be comfortable to lie and steam well, sufficient attention should be paid to the shelves.

Wood for the interior decoration of the bath should not contain resins. It is best to make shelves from aspen or birch. The surface of the boards must be treated with a grinding machine. It will be very pleasant to touch such boards with the body.

Shelves are best to arrange steps. The upper one will be intended for soaring, but the lower one – for a convenient lifting to the second shelf. The second shelf can also be used as leg support, and if it is very hot on the upper shelf, then you can also wash on it.

In order to make it easy to wield a bath broom, you should make the distance from the upper shelf and make about a meter to the ceiling (if desired you can). The shelves should be approximately 210 centimeters long, and 70 in width. One shelf should be higher than the other by 50 centimeters.

It is recommended to leave the gap between the boards during the assembly of the shelves (about 5-7 millimeters, but it should be almost invisible), this is necessary for ventilation, as well as water drainage.

Shelves can very easily wake up under the weight of the human body. That is why, in addition to supporting blocks, which must be attached to the walls, you need to install an additional support under the shelves, it is better to make it from metal.

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