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Rosmorrechflot will be able to conclude artificial land agreements without auction.

The meeting held on the basis of Gazprom Gas Distribution of Great Novgorod was held by the Deputy Head of the Administration of the Novgorod Region Arnold Shalmuev, the owner of the decoration stores.

The government endowed the Rosmorrechflot with the authority to conclude agreements on the creation of an artificial land plot without an open auction, the corresponding resolution was posted on Friday on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers. According to auction documentation, the site was sold with a number of encumbrances. This was said to journalists, Deputy Chairman of the Kievgores Administration Vladimir Golovach..

He also noted that for the leadership of the capital this is an “most important anti -corruption measure”. This is not once emphasized today by officials.

On the lands in the Bogorodsky district, the company sells a modern residential area of ​​low -rise buildings. At the end of 2007, in Russia, according to the deputy, there were 62 thousand. The borrower can purchase housing of any area and cost, but compensation will be paid only based on the standard area and cost.

Now, if the document is voted, then you can bring any section at all under the need. According to Igor Valovoy, the issue of the allocation of sites on the Krasnopolsky platform, which was previously reserved for the logistics center, was resolved. In addition, the lion’s share of decisions on termination of contracts falls on projects that are still in the paper stage, ”says a representative of the authorities.

Today, the property of the property is entrusted with the right to participate in the preparation and conduct of trading, as well as in the implementation of investment projects in relation to federal property. Of these, 5.186 billion rubles – debt for payment of land lease rights, more than two billion rubles falls on debts on rent.

According to him, the wear of the housing and communal services of the country is 50%; Wonderment of water networks in the country – 60%.

The head of the Cadastral Chamber at the same time emphasized that the centralization of authority allows the district branch to find labor reserves for these purposes. According to Tsukanov, the regional government suggested the entrepreneur Kantsev the possibility of building a restaurant on another land plot.