Review of new cottage communities in Tyumen

More and more people in our country are interested in cottage settlements. It is suburban housing in the regions is becoming a more popular solution than apartments in the city. For example, the Tyumen region is replete with stunning regional villages within 15-20 minutes drive from the city by highway. If you are interested in real estate in Tyumen, we suggest you consider the following options in the area from developers.

Zubarevo Hills (12 km from Tyumen)

Not far from Tyumen – just 15 minutes away, is a beautiful village Zubarevo Hills. The area is still under construction, but most communications are already done. In addition, the village will be equipped with a quality security system, store, cafe, walking and running areas.  The land is very beautiful, the area is wonderful and full of nature.

Kilki (17 km from Tyumen)

This is a very quiet and peaceful place near the Pyshma River, near the village of Bogandinsky. Well established suburban infrastructure and beautiful surroundings.

Yakushi (20 km from Tyumen)

Another village in Tyumen region – Yakushi near the river Tury. Good roads to the areas, the infrastructure of the village also plans a positive development. This is a very beautiful area, where developers promise silence and harmony.

Green City (28 km from Tyumen)

Settlement with all necessary communications, security, lighting and other necessary elements of civilization. In the future it is planned to erect recreational facilities, shopping centers, reservoirs and so on. Builders emphasize the advantage of their community – a favorable environmental situation, since the territory is surrounded by forests, lakes, no industrial areas nearby. It also provides the option of constructing cellars, basements, etc. without any problems.п. due to the fact that the ground water level is 6-8 meters.

The Silver Horseshoe (30 km from Tyumen)

The settlement is located near a dense, beautiful forest. All cottages are built in the same style – Provence. Communications and infrastructure at an excellent level. Security systems are installed. Silver Horseshoe is a world of health, happiness and harmony, as stated by the builders.

Also some other new settlements in the Tyumen region: Lugovoye, Vysokiy Bereg, Na Lipovoye, Podushkino, Mirovo Park