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The transformer is ideal for small kitchens

Developers of kitchen furniture are constantly delighted with the release of modern functional models that will find a place in any kitchen. And now special attention is paid to the development of furniture type “transformer”, which has a compact size and at the same time is able to satisfy the needs of any hostess.

A very popular kitchen is in the form of a round workstation with a sink and lots of drawers. It is very compact, so there is enough space for both the table and the refrigerator, even in a small area. Corner semicircular kitchen also has a place downstairs for built-in appliances such as an oven or dishwasher. Therefore, there is no need to give up useful appliances, just because the room is only six to eight square meters.

Also now get a wide popularity of rotating solid wood kitchens, which occupy only 1.8 square meters of space. This is a kind of furniture cylinder, consisting entirely of shelves and drawers, but also having a sink and work space. It has all the necessary features, and rotates 180 degrees, so the hostess will be very comfortable to cook on it.

Another good option is to organize a cube kitchen, which takes up only one square meter, from which it can be transformed into a full kitchen. This model refers to the kitchen “islands”, which are set in the middle of the room, and in unassembled form has not only a working surface and a lot of drawers, but also a retractable or extendable dining table. Some configurations even include built-in chairs that are only taken out at lunchtime.

If the room is still small, but you want to create a classic interior, you can make a custom kitchen closet of ordinary or angular type. It can hide large appliances and a folding dining table. This option is very convenient for fans of classic style, because the standard work surface will be organized, and the oven, dishwasher, microwave and so on, hidden in the cabinet, and at the same time easily accessible. Especially since the price of smeg appliances, which belong to the top brands, is often heavily discounted.

Of course, there are many options for arrangement of the kitchen now, because the choice of furniture is very large, and every inch of space will be functional. As a rule, transformer kitchens are made in a modern style, and in the style of minimalism. However if you want to give preference to the classic version, you can find a solution even in this case: the same cabinets-compartments or small kitchens with the possibility of built-in appliances.