Pipelines for the chemical industry

Trunk lines are used when it is necessary to provide transportation of working media over long distances. It should be noted that such pipelines include facilities, which provide treatment of the transported medium.

This also includes gas distribution units, line parts, compression and pump type stations. Pipelines are divided into high-pressure and low-pressure.

Utility pipelines used in cities are used to supply both water and gas to houses and apartments of citizens. Pipelines, for example, can be divided into transit type, distribution type and branch.

Transportation of media through the pipelines is carried out in accordance with current regulations. Standards for cities and towns are different, because in cities the consumption and, consequently, the load is higher.

For wastewater treatment you can buy flotation units here catalogflotatsionnye-ustanovki in the company “Technics and Technology”. They produce equipment for sewage, artesian and surface water treatment. Liquids with the company’s flotation units are cleaned using methods such as direct-flow filtration circuit, as well as recirculation filtration technology.

Technological pipelines are equipped with such an element, as the transitions steel gost 17378 2001 to ensure access and timely repair. The pipeline is used for industrial purposes for transportation of semi-finished products, raw materials and many other products used in technological processes, as well as in the use of equipment. Need raw materials and reagents, including for manufacturing processes. Pipes are also used for waste discharge from plants.

Depends on the location of the production, whether the pipes will be intra-workshop or they can be inter-workshop. Pipelines inside the shop, located near the individual compressors, are called strapping. They are used to connect various apparatuses.

So-called ship pipelines are used for transportation of various media in production, they are used both for operation of units and installations, and for displacement of media. They differ in length and working parameters.