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Motion sickness syndrome.

Many adults and children experience motion sickness syndrome, resulting in nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, and general malaise. Often, it is necessary to stop the vehicle so that the person comes to his senses. All these signs indicate that there are serious problems with the vestibular apparatus. This organ is part of the inner ear, it has a complex structure and has not yet been fully studied. Experiments on animals and fish have shown that when it is damaged it completely loses its orientation in space. That is, for the position of our body, even in three-dimensional or unsupported space, in determining the direction of motion and speed of acceleration is responsible vestibular apparatus. Medicine states that the syndrome manifests itself with problems with the digestive organs, autonomic vascular system, ear diseases. The treatment of basic diseases also improves the body’s resistance to motion sickness syndrome. A healthy lifestyle, which includes daily physical activity, not necessarily strong, but systematic – running, walking, swimming, playing soccer, volleyball, basketball improve your overall health. Physical exercises with smooth turns of the head, neck and torso in different directions are indicated for this syndrome.

Of folk remedies, use a slice of lemon under the tongue before a trip, or dried lemon peels slowly chewed on the road. Peppermint tea (1 tsp. л. The water in a glass of water) with the addition of ginger will improve the well-being, you should drink it often and in small sips. Versatile treatment for many diseases, including motion sickness, is pollen. It is proved that pollen strengthens capillary walls, thinning the blood, reducing its clotting, reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol. It has choleretic, antitumor, diuretic properties, increases appetite, improves mental capacity. For the treatment and prevention of motion sickness take purified bee pollen in an amount half a teaspoon (for children 1 / 4 h. л.) taken daily for three weeks, two to three times a day, 15 to 20 minutes before a meal. Hold the pollen in your mouth, suck it like a lollipop and don’t take any liquids for 15 to 20 minutes.

Can be mixed 1: 1 with honey to improve the taste, there are recipes for the use of purified pollen with brown algae for one week at intervals of 6 months. Breaks are necessary, as pollen has a rich vitamin composition and there is a danger of hypervitaminosis. The last pollen intake should be no later than 18 hours, pollen has a strong tonic effect. Pollen must be stored at a temperature up to + 14 C in a package with no access to air.