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How to close cracks in a brick wall?

Due to the deformation of the foundation, which occurs due to freezing of the soil, as well as the close placement of groundwater on the walls, cracks may form.

Also, brickwork is damaged due to a significant load that falls on the supporting structure provided by ceiling overlap, as well as due to the heterogeneity of the soil and violations of construction technology. Understand what are the causes of damage on the wall by the nature of cracks. If they are expanding from below, then this indicates that the foundation shrinkage in this part of the construction.

Begin to start cracks only after the cessation of their development. Otherwise, all efforts and costs will be absolutely in vain. Therefore, it is necessary to control the condition of the damage. To do this, glue special paper beacons onto the crack. When performing walls in the house, do not forget about the design of the bathroom. By the way, for her I need plumbing installation of Kirov who offers it to residents, entrusted to the masters of a specialized company.

Cracks, the width of which is not more than 5 mm, should be sealed with an ordinary solution of cement and sand. But before swing the crack cavity should be cleaned of dust and garbage. To fill the cracks exceeding 10 mm, you can use a cement solution in which fine -grained sand is used as a filler, or mounting foam. Experts consider these cracks critical. That is why a more effective repair method is a disassembly of brick masonry, which is damaged and then replaced with new.