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We select a desktop lamp for the office

Statistics show that after a few years of office work, many employees need glasses or contact lenses. Visual acuity falls, myopia develops. There are many reasons for this – this is the wrong setting of the parameters of the monitor, a violation of alternating periods of work and rest. But one of the main reasons is poor coverage of the workplace.

To improve the lighting level, you should pay attention to the desktop table lamps. They allow you to cover a large space, fight shadows, create comfortable conditions for the employee’s work.

There are some tips for choosing an office lamp:

The lamp should be comfortable and adjustable. The design of the lamp for the office table allows you to change the angle of the fall of light, the height of the lamp and the location of the light. The ability to change the angle of inclination of the lamp will help you illuminate the entire workplace, depending on what tasks you are at the moment.

Always pay attention to the type of ceiling – the ability to use with different lamps, shape, length. The lamp should not look out of the ceiling, otherwise, it will blind you and cause headache. To work at the computer, models with an elongated lamp are suitable – they give a greater illuminated space at your workplace.

Take care in advance about the location of the lamp. On the one hand, this applies to the capabilities of your desktop to install the lamp. In the event that there is not enough space, think about models with clips. They are good for offices with working boxes. If you work at a large table, be sure to calculate the location of the lamp so that it illuminates the entire space of your table.

In addition, experts recommend using desktop table lamps so that there are no glare left on the surface, darkened places. It is important to understand that each buyer takes into account not only the norms of illumination, light temperature and other parameters, but also personal preferences.

Article author: representative of Nalampe.RU”. This is an online store of desktop lamps, which offers customers the opportunity to choose from a large catalog of products from manufacturers from different countries.