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Varieties of wardrobes

Recently, wardrobes are very popular. Therefore, in the furniture market, such products are presented in a very wide range. Today there are a large number of varieties of such cabinets. As the main ones, three types of such designs can be distinguished. These include full-fledged wardrobes, built-in and half-building cabinets. In order to understand in more detail their features, this issue should be considered in more detail.

A full-fledged type wardrobe is a design that has all the elements of the frame, namely the ceiling, side racks, floor, back wall. Many people prefer to buy a wardrobe in Yekaterinburg of this type, since it has many advantages. First of all, it is mobility, that is, the possibility of moving the cabinet and its location in the most suitable place. Cabinets of this type are straight and corner. Moreover, the latter make it possible to very effectively use the space of angles.

Built-in-type wardrobes do not have all the elements of the frame. They may not have a ceiling, floor, side walls, since their functions perform the walls of the room. Such products are built into a niche, which has a unique size. As a rule, built-in wardrobes are much more spacious than ordinary cabinets with opening doors, since in this case the entire space from the floor to the ceiling of the room is used, an additional place to open the doors is not required. As a lack of such a design, it should be noted that such a cabinet actually represents part of the room, and it cannot be moved.

Snow -building wardrobes are very well suited for installation in a room where there are no niches. By adding sides or ending in the form of a semicircle, you can create an impromptu niche. Otherwise, this design is almost similar to the built -in cabinet.

Thus, before making a decision to buy a particular variety of a wardrobe, you need to carefully consider the issue regarding the place of installation, taking into account all the features of the room, photo of the cabinet, so that in the future it is possible to effectively use such a product for a long period of time.