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The very first early signs of pregnancy

For each woman, it is important to identify pregnancy in the early stages. There may be two reasons: either for its interruption – abortion (this complex solution may be due to different factors starting from a life position and ending with physiological indicators), or for the speedy appeal to the antenatal clinic in order to maintain and maintain the development of intrauterine life. The female body was created for conception, bearing and delivery. Every month he, like by a clock, is preparing for the great sacrament of nature – conception. Fertilization occurs during ovulation – at the moment when the ripened egg goes into the fallopian tube, meets with a sperm and their merger occurs them. This gives rise to a wonderful process pregnancy. But only your body does not yet know about this, and will not recognize at least seven days, while the resulting, the fetal egg will not be attached to the walls of the uterus. Our body is quite contradictory: on the one hand, everything is aimed at maintaining intrauterine life, and on the other hand, the embryo is perceived by it as a foreign body from which the body wants to get rid of. Here hormones of pregnancy come to the rescue of the fetus, first of all it is progesterone. It is he who will prepare your uterus for the adoption of the fetal egg and keep the attached embryo. At the same time, the synthesis of hCG begins (human chorionic gonadotropin). This is a special hormone that is an integral part of pregnancy. It is produced by the cells of the embryo shell. It appears in the body at the earliest stages of pregnancy (5-6 days from the date of fertilization) and its content in the blood every day increases exponentially. In the urine, the content of this hormone increases a few days later and also increases day after day. That is, using a blood test, the doctor can diagnose pregnancy at the earliest stages. But all these processes occur without the knowledge of a woman and the very first signal, think about her position, is a menstrual delay. Here he is the first reason for the campaign for express pregnancy test. Their work is based on the determination of hCG hormone in the urine. It is better to do it in the morning, since it is at this time that the hormone reaches the maximum concentration. There are also a number of symptoms of pregnancy, which women, often before the delay, do not pay attention to: the severity, soreness and swelling of the chest, headaches, increased fatigue, mood swings, someone can pull on something salty, sour or taste preferences can altogether , or toxicosis may occur at the earliest stages.