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Paints for the ceiling

Paints for the ceiling

The most common and simplest way of finishing the ceiling is its coloring water -reduced colors.  At the moment, construction markets are offering a large range of these materials. Consider some of them. Acrylic latex. Are the most popular among all colors.  If you believe the words of experts, then it is enough to apply only two layers of such paint to get high -quality and durable coating.  And with all this, the coating is strong enough, which allows it to close small cracks up to a millimeter wide.  If you want to create a high -quality coating, then it is best to use acrylic paints. However, if the coating should correspond to some other additional characteristics, for example, vapor permeability, then it is better to use silicate colors.

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Silicatical paints. They are often used for coloring either mineral surfaces, or for surfaces that were previously painted either lime or silicate paints.  If you decide to paint the surface with such paint, then it is advisable to apply a silicate primer in advance in advance.  Compared with acrylic paints, then silicate are not able to close small cracks.  However, such colors have an undeniable plus – they counteract the reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms.