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Old house on the site: demolish or reconstruct?

Very often, people who receive a land plot, for example, in the inheritance, find themselves the owners of not only lands, but also at home, built several decades ago. In this case, a dilemma immediately arises: to demolish the old building or to conduct its reconstruction. It should be noted that both options are quite complicated for execution. In any case, it will be necessary to determine whether the old foundation for a new construction is suitable, find out the prices for dismantling of metal structures, the list and nuances of the design of the necessary documentation, etc. D.

However, in most cases, the decision to reconstruct a new house is less troublesome and costly. The construction of an old house on a regular site is a very difficult matter, and if you also need to demolish the old structure, then the process becomes much more complicated. Firstly, the demolition will cost considerable money, and, secondly, after all the work you will need to carry out a large-scale cleaning of the site, the removal of scrap metal and other construction waste, as well as draw up a large number of documents.

How to reconstruct an old house?

First you need to check the state of the foundation of the building. If there are any serious flaws, it will need to be repaired, strengthened, and in the most extreme case and replace it. In addition, if the building was used as a summer house, it will need to be insulated without fail. As for the reconstruction itself, it can be carried out in two ways: by increasing the area of ​​the house, as well as by erecting the second floor.