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Libyan speculation

The world is tired of the wars, but they all continue and continue. Undoubtedly, the prices for which are available to everyone will be much more useful than another politician who wants to make an image on the same next conflict. Human sacrifices always leave for later, but they lobby first of all.

A game of interests unfolds in Libya. Civil War, Western support of the rebels, the silence of the rebooted “friends of the West”, the joy of the media, the Gaddafi Breets. Although, if you put everything on the shelves, we will get:

one. Unknown goals of the rebels who may be worse than Gaddafi.

2. Western support of democracy, based not only on bright magic and good.

3. “Friends of the West” who profit from the conflict more and more, but at the same time are on the sidelines, only calling for the world.

four. Joy of the media. After all, so much fresh material! Write at least every day. Business on blood and bones is probably worse than physical confrontation.

5. Caddafi Boys with al-Qaeda, by order of which a passenger aircraft was blown up several years ago. Is he a fighter? The same butcher as al-Qaida.

It is clear that there may be Gaddafi and better than a new force striving for power. But the person who made his world in the country and appointed himself the eternal Lord of Black Gold, and then ordered to kill dozens of innocent people on an airplane, does not deserve any forgiveness in any way. How can you choose between the killers if they have hands in the blood? He will kill less, but these are more?

Dictators gradually fall down. No matter how Hayali NATO for Iraq, but many silently supported the overthrow of Saddam. And those who shouted mainly did this because of the traditional Russophile outlook on life 🙂

Gaddafi will not become sooner or later. I am not a supporter of weighing dictators on the scales. If instead of Gaddafi comes another, more bloody, then sooner or later they will overthrow it and. Well, if another one comes, then the people of Libya are not so strong in spirit that something to change in their country and make the tough frames that all dictatorial impulses will be cut off.

Be that as it may, and not a single country in the world won in the long run from the board of dictators. Maybe you need to think about it, and not voice other people’s slogans in defense of the next executioner?