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Nauphor offers to protect pension savings

This is not the first time the National Association of Participants of Stock Markets (Nauphor) has made a proposal to form a special compensation fund, which will make it possible to reimburse financial losses in a situation of bankruptcy of non -state pension funds (NPF). The other day, the organization again addressed this initiative in writing to the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Alexander Zhukov.

Naufofi members believe that the creation of a compensation fund for the NPF will become an effective insurance mechanism and will allow compensating for at least part of the losses in the event of bankruptcy of these organizations. Nauphor also proposed to cancel existing requirements regarding the paramount obligation of the NPF to annually provide a report on ensuring the profitability of the received pension funds in the process of investment activities. Such a short -term obligation constrains the functional potential of organizations, while a longer investment period without the obligation to demonstrate annual profitability can become more profitable and with time to bring significant income over time.

Another point in a number of initiatives of Nauphor was the proposal to turn non -state pension funds into commercial organizations with the ensuing opportunities. They consist in attracting large investments, as well as in accelerating and simplifying the process of reorganization of the funds system.

Many analysts took the listed requirements very skeptical. The reason for this is the need for more cardinal measures to restructure the entire system of pension funds. According to a number of experts, only serious financial injections (both state and private) can change the situation in the market of non -state pension provision). The creation of a compensation fund will not solve the problem of the pension provision system in general and the loss of pension assets in particular. On the other hand, the endowment of NPFs with the status of a commercial structure will undoubtedly affect the cost of services provided by this organization. And this, in turn, can negatively affect the perception and trust of potential and existing customers.