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How a bath affects human health

The human body is largely of water: in the human brain, the water content is up to 74.5%, in the blood up to 83%, in the muscles up to 75.8%. Water is involved in many processes of human life, so many toxins and toxins accumulate in it. These products are removed from the body.

One of the effective methods of removing toxins is the use of a Russian bath. During the location in the bath, the isolation is released along with the later – toxins under the influence of high temperature on the human skin.

The skin covers the whole body of a person, its area reaches up to 2.2 square meters. Skin sweating in everyday life causes the release of almost 600 grams of water per day.

The process of highlighting sweat can be increased if you act on the skin with a high temperature allowable for the human body. This happens when a person is in the paired compartment of the bathhouse.

The use of brooms composed of different types of plants also contributes to increasing sweat secretion in the steam room. Most often, brooms are made from branches of birch with the addition of oak branches, needles, and sometimes odorous herbs. Under the influence of substances secreted by these plants at high temperature and high humidity, abundant sweating occurs, as a result of which the skin is cleansed, and the body gets rid of harmful toxins and toxins.

The Russian bath is widely used in folk medicine as an affordable tool as a method of treatment from many diseases of the human body, most often associated with a cold.

It is recommended to visit a bathhouse for medicinal purposes 2-3 times a week, but you need to take into account the individual feature of each person, its ability to endure stay at high temperature and in high humidity conditions.

In the process of sweating, not only water with harmful slags and toxins occurs, but the beneficial mineral salts necessary for the normal life of a person are removed from the body. Therefore, it is necessary to make up for their loss by drinking mineral water, tea brewed from natural herbs, various oils and incense during massage after taking a bath procedure.

Bank procedures should be used very carefully for people with a weakened cardiovascular system. The duration of stay in the paired department must be limited taking into account the well -being and effect of the effect.

Russian bath is widely used to harden a healthy organism. At the same time, a person who is well -steamed in a steam room moves to the pool or to a river with cold water, and in winter in the snow, and then returns back to the steam room. This can be repeated several times. But this procedure is suitable only for a healthy person.