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Do -it -yourself bath bombs

Many of us love the so -called bathtub bombs that hiss and boil in contact with water, but it is much easier to make them ourselves. So what needs to be?

The main ingredients are extremely simple – it is citric acid, essential oils, as well as soda.

So, how to make a bath a bomb? First, let’s take care of the mold for the bomb. You will not need any special containers – because the effect of this “sparkle” in no way depends on its shape. So the molds designed for baking cookies, for ice, for the manufacture of sweets or even for Easter cakes are suitable.

We warn that recipes for a bath bomb can be very different – do not be afraid to experiment. Here are examples of what can be done-but, of course, nothing prevents you from inventing something new. Let’s start with the bombing, which will help to relax.

The basis for it will be milk and lavender oil. The aroma of the latter will help to relax, remove fatigue, help you cope with insomnia.

So, rub 4 st. tablespoons of soda with 2 t. spoons of citric acid. Add 3 tablespoons of milk powder to the resulting mixture. Then add 2 tablespoons of grape oil oil, a spoonful of chopped lavender dried color and a spoonful of sea salt. Then you need to add 20 drops of lavender oil, bury a little water and mix. Attention, if the mixture began to foam, then the water must be stopped adding. Put your mixture in your chosen mold, previously greased with oil, compact. After about fifteen minutes, take out slightly dried bombs – and dry them for another five or six hours outside the mold. Ready!

If you want, on the contrary, to make a bomb, which will not relax, but cheerful, tones and raise your mood – especially sleepy in the morning – then the next recipe. Mix two tablespoons of citric acid, four st. tablespoons of soda and spoon of dry cream. Stir very carefully. Next, add a spoonful of cinnamon powder and two tablespoons of glycerol. If there is no glycerol, then the grape seed oil is also perfect. Then drip essential oil, any. 15-20 drops will be more than enough. Add a spoonful of ground coffee to the resulting mass. Next, jump on all this with water – but quite a bit. Now put the mixture on the molds and dry the same principle as described above. Coffee-brown bombs are ready.

Such recipes for bath bombs are used everywhere and for manufacturing at home for themselves and for sale in stores. After all, it turns out excellent corporate gifts for all colleagues. It remains only to lower them into the water and enjoy the hissing effect.