DIY wall decoration decorative plaster decoration

Decorative plaster is a modern material for wall decoration. Using this finishing material in the interior, you can recreate a special atmosphere.

Decorative plaster has been used since ancient times, but then for some time lost its popularity. Now decorative plaster is again at the peak of popularity.

To date, the decoration of walls with decorative plaster can be done with your own hands. The main thing is to adhere to the basic rules for its application to the surface of the wall.

First of all, you need to prepare the surface for applying this coating. The preparation of walls consists in removing dirt, old finishing materials and leveling the wall. After that, you should cover the prepared surface with a primer and let it dry completely.

After the primer dries, you can proceed to applying the plaster. First you need to cover the entire wall with a thin layer of solution. After that, using the necessary tools, give the coating the desired texture. Now there is a large selection of finished plaster with various additives, which, when applied, create a unique texture and shade. After the decorative plaster dries, it is rubbed with a special composition, giving shine, which can be purchased in stores with finishing materials.

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