Bath restoration

Bath restoration

Each of us faced the repair of the bathroom, and knows very well what “penny” it costs, especially the dismantling of the old one and the installation of a new bath, the removal of the old and the rise of the new bath.

However, there is another solution to this issue and even several ways.

The company “STO WAN” on the pages of its site CTO-Vann explains in detail how this is done and what the restoration of the old bath is “poured out” with the latest technology.

Bath restoration

And the restoration of baths in St. Petersburg is implemented by the following methods:

Method “Burning Bath”;

“Bath in the bath” or “acrylic liner”;

“Bath enameling”.

With the “bath in the bath” method, a special stacquil liner will be mounted in your bath, repeating the shape of a bath. It is characteristic that with such a restoration there is a “thermos effect” and the water in the bath will cool much slower. The second two methods are similar and are mechanical cleaning of the surface, its degreasing and applying a layer of liquid acrylic. The difference is only in the thickness of the applied layer of acrylic, when enameling it will be 0.3-0.8 mm, and with a “bulk bath” – up to 6 mm. You just have to decide which way to choose.

Saving funds in comparison with the cost of installing a new bath is very, very noticeable. In this case, the reverse saying “Postering is worth it” works well “.



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